Total Hip Replacement

I have always enjoyed performing total hip replacement. This operation is widely regarding as being one of the top five operations ever conceived for the benefit of patients. It is incredibly satisfying to see a patient, who has been suffering with crippling pain, transformed by their total hip replacement.

In 1962, Sir John Charnley, of Wrightington Hospital in Lancashire, performed the first modern total hip replacement. This was the culmination of many years of work and many failed attempts along the way. The operation proved transformative for patients and over the next few years, Charnley worked tirelessly on refining the technique, documenting and publishing his results, striving to minimise complications and of course the training of many other surgeons.

Even today, the main principles of total hip replacement remain the same as in the time of Sir John Charnley, many of his surgical instruments remain widely used and our operating theatres utilise very similar clean air systems.

    There are different ways to access the hip joint surgically and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, there are many different implants available, made of different materials and they can be combined in different ways. Ultimately, the best performing hip replacements have very similar and reproducibly excellent results. Your surgeon should be able to guide you as to which option to choose, as well as explaining what the potential risks of surgery are and how to minimise these risks.

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