Robotic Knee Surgery

There is huge interest in robotic knee surgery within the private sector. All of the major orthopaedic implant manufacturers have been developing their own robotic option. Sometimes there is confusion as to what the robot does during surgery. This varies slightly between the different systems, but essentially the robot provides guidance to the surgeon. Surgeons still need to plan their surgery, perform the usual surgical approach to the joint and decide how to prepare the bony surfaces to accept the implants. The implants are then implanted by the surgeon, before closure of the various layers.

Robotic assisted surgery can guide the positioning of the orthopaedic implants, so has the potential to improve the consistency of operations, for the benefit of patients. At Spire Cheshire Hospital, I can offer robotic assisted surgery using the ROSA® Knee System. The information and feedback from the robotic system can help me, but I still need to be satisfied that everything is correct. This final eye for detail is important and is something that I have built up by performing multiple operations over several years.

ROSA® Knee System: Robotic Knee Replacement

The evidence base for robotic knee surgery is evolving over time. Currently there is no significant body of evidence to support its use over and above the traditional techniques, which have evolved, and been honed over many years. This evidence base may come in time, but it’s important that surgeons do not overstate the significance of technology and give an honest appraisal to their patients as to whether it is in their best interests to use this technology.

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